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The police department in Upper Gwynedd township are very enthusiastic about their new high-tech police surveillance device: an automated licence plate reader, or ALPR, with it’s ability to scan and identify 3,600 plates per minute. But what happens with all the data for which there are no “hits”. That data still lives somewhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Nine judges have been charged in a ticket-fixing scheme that overran the Philadelphia Traffic Court. Just two weeks ago, two of those judges pleaded guilty in federal court. While the criminal justice system is handling the judges, state lawmakers have decided to rid the city of the court altogether. State Senators voted to abolish the Philly Traffic Court and now the bill goes before the House. Read the rest of this entry »

When a woman is in an abusive situation, she can always check into a shelter with her children, right? That is the ideal situation. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, there aren’t many shelters with room for domestic violence victims, and they have to turn people away. Read the rest of this entry »