Arrested on Robbery Charges in Pennsylvania?

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Robbery is a felony charge which carries a risk of serious jail time. With any serious criminal offense, you need to act quickly and talk to an attorney to work out your best defense options right away.

The sooner I can get on the case, the more options there are to challenge the evidence when it is first presented, and try to get it thrown out, or at least get the charges reduced to a less serious offense. If you’ve been arrested and charged with robbery in Pennsylvania, contact us for a free criminal defense legal consultation on your case as soon as possible, and we’ll go over the case and tell you know exactly how we can help you.

Can I fight and Win Against a Robbery Charge in Court?

Yes, it is very possible to challenge the facts of the case based on the evidence against you.

It is also possible to get the charges reduced down to a misdemeanor theft charge, if evidence of robbery is not very strong. It is very possible for a robbery case to be “overcharged”, when a robbery should really be a theft charge, or be reduced from a felony 2 to a felony 3.

We can discuss strategy and options in a no obligation legal consultation.

What is Robbery?

Under Pennsylvania criminal laws, robbery is defined as theft by the use of force. Generally this means taking something directly from a person. The alleged force may be slight, but with any coercion or threat when engaging in theft, you may be charged with the much more serious charge of robbery.

Pennsylvania Robbery Penalties

Robbery is classified as a Felony 3, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 7 years in prison.

If in the course of committing a robbery, you cause bodily injury to a person, or put them in fear of bodily injury, it is a Felony 2, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

If in the course of committing a robbery, you cause serious bodily injury to a person, or put them in fear of serious bodily injury, it is a Felony 1, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

Free Consultation on Pennsylvania Robbery or Theft Charges

With any criminal charge, particularly a serious felony like robbery where may be facing jail time, you need top legal advice to make sure you are protected. Call us, and we’ll tell you exactly what we can do to help.

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