Accused of Embezzlement in Pennsylvania?

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Facing charges of embezzlement (financial theft) can be difficult. When the person accusing you of the offense is your employer, it can be devastating, since not only are you facing criminal charges, but your job and your livelihood are at stake. If you are facing charges of embezzling, we can help.

Under Pennsylvania law, Embezzlement is essentially a fancy word for employee theft. Whether you are accused of stealing from your retail employer or hiding company income to pad your wallet, it is the same offense.

Being convicted of this charge can forever change your ability to get a job dealing with money and it can hinder your ability to gain trust from people in your personal life as well. Fighting the charges against you is what an experienced criminal defense attorney will do.

Having dealt with many white collar crime cases, I know what you are facing. Let me help you and I guarantee I will do my best to ensure your case ends on a favorable note.

Pennsylvania Embezzlement Penalties

Because embezzlement is considered a theft crime, the penalty you face for this offense is the same as you would face for any other theft. The charge and penalty are all dependant on the value of goods or services you are accused of taking.

If the value is: The charge is:
Less than $150Less than $150, 2ndoffense

Between $150 and $2,000

More than $2,000

  • Summary offense, Up to 90 days in jail
  • 2nd degree misdemeanor, Up to 3 years in prison
  • 1st degree misdemeanor, Up to 5 years in prison
  • 3rd degree felony, Up to 7 years in prison

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There are many ways that embezzlement can occur. It can be as simple as taking money out of the register or as complex as fixing the books in the accounting office. Whether you did something you now regret or are innocent of the charges against you, we can help.

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Get a Legal Case Evaluation on Embezzlement Charges

Though the law itself is the same as those for theft, an embezzlement case often requires different legal defense strategies.

Many embezzlement cases involve money that was borrowed from the company, and you intended to pay it back. Or, you had flexible access and discretion in using funds, and there is a dispute whether the use of the money was legitimate.

When embezzlement charges are filed, typically the victim just wants his or her money back. So there may be ways to negotiate dropping the criminal charges or reducing the penalties for restitution of the funds.

In any case, where complex financial transaction are involved, it can take an experienced defense lawyer to wade through the details and come up with a solid defense strategy.

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