Arrested on Domestic Violence or Abuse Charges in Pennsylvania?

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You can easily be charged with domestic violence or assault on very weak evidence, even when an honest assessment of the facts show the charges to be unjustified. This happens all the time, since police will arrest if there is any hint of evidence of violence, and prosecutors may not be willing to drop the case, even if the alleged victim does not support the charges against you.

Unfortunately, District Attorneys are inclined to prosecute weak cases where the defendant is innocent of the charges, because they’re afraid to risk dropping a case, and finding out later than a victim is seriously injured or killed.

That’s why you desperately need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate this complicated mix of law and politics. Someone who knows what it takes to beat these cases, and make the right argument to a judge to get a dismissal, or argue the facts in a way that juries will understand, and can find you not guilty at trial.

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Pennsylvania Domestic Violence – Penalties

If you are found guilty of a domestic violence charge or PFA violation in Pennsylvania, you may be facing anger management treatment or counseling, or even serious felony charges with jail time. The specific penalty you face depends on the underlying crime.

What is Domestic Violence Under the Laws of Pennsylvania?

Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse is a status that applies to particular crimes when their is a domestic relationship between the alleged defendant and victim. A Domestic abuse charge may be invoked on charges such as

You can also be charged with a crime for Violation of a Protection from Abuse order (PFA, or restraining order).

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