Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Pennsylvania?

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Marijuana charges are not as minor as you might think in the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has still not taken steps toward decriminalization and even simple possession of marijuana can carry a jail term. A criminal charge is a permanent mark on your record, regardless of how minor you may think the charges are. And any marijuana possession conviction can still result in a 6 month driver’s license suspension.

It’s true. For a minor pot possession bust, you can lose your license. For many people, that can mean loss of job, and your home if you can’t pay the rent.

But you don’t have to accept that and just plead guilty. We want to help you work through this, and avoid these penalties. Our primary goals with any marijuana drug offense is to

  • fight to keep your criminal record clean
  • fight to keep your drivers license

We can go over you case with you and discuss your options, and the likely chance of avoiding these penalties. Our legal consultation on any marijuana arrest is free.

If this is your first exposure to the Pennsylvania court system you may feel apprehensive about your day in court. Chances are you aren’t too sure of what you can expect and you may be frightened at the potential jail term you may be facing.

Whether you were caught with a small personal stash or a large quantity of marijuana, we can help. We have represented clients with a variety of marijuana charges and know what you are facing. Let us help put your mind at ease.

Although we have handled many marijuana cases and probably handled one very similar to yours, we understand that every case is different. We want to know the details of your case. We want to defend you. So contact us today for a free case evaluation, to find out about your defense options in court.

PA Marijuana Possession – Laws & Penalties

If you are charged with simple possession, the sentence you may face depends on how much marijuana you are accused of possessing and whether or not this is your first offense.

Amount Charge Maximum Sentence
Less than 30 grams Misdemeanor 30 days in jail and $500
More than 30 grams, 1stoffense Misdemeanor 1 year in jail and $5,000
More than 30 grams, 2ndor subsequent offense misdemeanor 3 years in prison and $25,000

Typical legal challenge strategies in this cases involve arguing for a reduction in the charges down to basic possession. And of course, we nearly always file a motion to suppress to try to get the evidence against you thrown out. It can be critically important to dispute the legitimacy and ground for the search that resulting in finding the pot in your home, car or on your person.

Ref: 35 Pa.C.S.§780-101

PA Marijuana Sale/Distribution/Cultivation – Laws & Penalties

Far more serious than simple possession, if you are accused of selling marijuana you could be facing a serious prison term and large fines. Again, the potential sentence depends of the amount of marijuana in question.

Amount Charge Potential Sentence
Less than 1,000 lbs. Felony 1-3 years in prison and fines from $5,000- $25,000
1,000 lbs. or more Felony 10 years and $100,000 in fines

Ref: 35 Pa.C.S.§780-101

 Free Legal Defense Consultation on Marijuana Charges In Penn.

Facing charges as serious as this requires an attorney who has knowledge and experience on their side. We are those attorneys. We will fight to get your charges dismissed. We can also increase the likelihood that you will serve probation rather than jail time, particularly if this is your first offense.

Having handled numerous marijuana charges, we know what you are up against and how to handle your case. However, we also know that all cases are different and need to speak with you regarding the specifics of your case to determine how we can best help.

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