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Criminal Mischief and vandalism may seem like petty charges, but they can ultimately cause serious issues in your life. Particularly for a young person, starting out with a permanent criminal record if you are found guilty or plead to the charges can affect career opportunities for the rest of your life.  And although property crimes are typically punished less severely than personal crimes, the more serious offences can still carry lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Facing a charge that could take away your freedom can be quite unnerving.

We know that people make mistakes. Chances are you did something you now regret. Many property damage charges result from a lost temper or a youthful mistake. We can help you take responsibility for your actions and work to get you the best possible outcome in court.

Or may be you did some crazy things celebrating the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies! that got out of hand, and got you arrested. This can happen, but that doesn’t mean you deserve to be branded as a criminal for life!

However, maybe you are not guilty at all. We want to know what happened from your point of view. When you feel like no one is on your side, we want to be the legal defense attorneys working on your behalf.

We have handled many criminal mischief and vandalism cases in Pennsylvania courts. We know what you are up against and will work to ensure you get the best result possible on your day in court.

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Criminal Mischief  – Laws & Penalties in Pennsylvania

Any of the following can be considered criminal mischief:

  • Negligently, recklessly, or intentionally damaging property of another by fire, explosives, or other dangerous means,
  • Tampering with the property of another to endanger a person or property,
  • Causing someone to suffer monetary loss by deception or threat,
  • Defacing or damaging property with graffiti, or
  • Intentionally damaging real or personal property of another.

The charge and potential sentence you will face depends on the value of the property that was damaged.

Value Charge Sentence
More than $5,000 3rd degree Felony Up to 7 years in prison
$1,000-$5,000 2nd Degree Misdemeanor Up to 2 years in prison
More than $500 3rd Degree Misdemeanor Up to 1 year in prison

If the property was valued at less than $500, the charge is a summary offense and will bring a maximum potential sentence of 90 days in jail.

Additional Penalties for Domestic Relationships

If you are accused of criminal mischief against a victim who is in a domestic relationship with you, you can face additional domestic violence penalties.

Ref: 18 Pa. C.S.§3304

Institutional Vandalism – Laws & Penalties

Institutional vandalism is that which desecrates any of the following types of property:

  • Church
  • Cemetery
  • State or local building
  • Synagogue
  • School
  • Community center

This charge is a 3rd degree felony if the loss is greater than $5,000. Your potential sentence for this felony is up to 7 years in prison. If the amount of the loss is less than $5,000, you will be charged with a 2nd degree misdemeanor and face a potential sentence of up to 2 years in prison.

Ref: 18 Pa.C.S.§3307


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