Arrested for Heroin Possession in Pennsylvania?

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Being arrested for possession of heroin is a terrible and humbling experience. When you are handcuffed and taken to jail, you aren’t usually treated as someone who is innocent, or merely a suspect—you are treated as a criminal. It’s during times like these that it pays to have someone on your side, someone who is interested in hearing your side of the story and fighting for your best interest.

Heroin is considered one of the most addictive drugs out there, and it’s because of this that there is such a stigma attached to it. If you are caught with heroin, you are automatically treated like a junkie, even if you don’t have a drug problem.

In the Pennsylvania court system, you need someone advocating for your best interests when you are accused of possession of heroin. You need an aggressive local defense attorney.

Pennsylvania Heroin Possession Penalties

The legal penalties for a heroin possession conviction can be quite severe. Your potential penalty depends on the amount of heroin you are accused of possessing and any criminal history.

If this is your first offense and you are accused of possessing less than 1 gram, you will face up to 1 year in jail and fines reaching $5,000. The penalty increases to 2 years for a second offense and 3 for a third.

If, however, you are accused of possessing more than a gram, you will be subject to mandatory minimum sentences if convicted. A first time conviction results in at least 2 years when you are caught with more than one gram and less than five.

Obviously, the more heroin you are accused of possessing and the more extensive your criminal history is, the greater your penalty will be if convicted.

PA Heroin Possession Defense Strategies

The appropriate defense strategy in your case depends on the facts of your case and your anticipated results. No two cases are alike, though everyone is interested in minimizing the effects of a heroin possession charge.

Many cases hinge on the physical evidence (heroin) and the search that led to its discovery. If the drugs were seized in violation of your constitutional rights or if the police sidestepped any required procedures, there’s a real chance the evidence could be ruled inadmissible, potentially leading to your acquittal or a dismissal of the charges.

Your case could be eligible to be heard in one of the state’s drug courts. Though not available in all jurisdictions, these courts focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. They involve a strict probation-type period with drug treatment requirements and are a very good alternative for many people.

The vast majority of PA heroin possession charges end in a plea agreement. The terms of this agreement depend on a variety of things including the facts of the case, your criminal history, and the prosecutor on the case.

When you are accused of a crime like heroin possession, you need someone on your side aggressively defending your interests. You need a tenacious local defense lawyer.

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