Don’t Let a Traffic Charge in Pennsylvania Ruin Your Life!

Fight for Your Rights and Freedom to Drive

A traffic charge can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance rates, as well as lengthy license suspensions, and potential jail time.

If you are like most people in Pennsylvania, you can’t afford to be without your drivers license. You use it to drive to work and to exist in your everyday life.

Some of the criminal traffic charges I defend include:

Pennsylvania Traffic Tickets, Speeding Tickets and Moving Violations

In addition, if you’ve been hit with too many speeding tickets or other moving violations, you can face significant license loss, which many people can ill afford. If you need your license to get to work and earn a living, you’ll want an attorney to protect your freedom to drive.

Don’t risk losing your job without a fight!

For speeding tickets, traffic tickets, running a stop sign or red light, illegal U turn, or other minor civil traffic citations and violations, you can hire an attorney, but it may not be worth the money it will cost you for an attorney.

However, if you are at risk for license suspension because of too many violations, it makes sense to use every opportunity to fight a ticket to preserve your license.

Free Consultation on Pennsylvania Traffic Offenses

Give me a call, and I’ll let you know what I can do to help you keep your all important freedom to drive, and potentially save you money in fines and insurance costs.

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I represents clients facing traffic and criminal charges anywhere across Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Carlisle and Lancaster, and in Bucks, Montgomery, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties.

In Western Pennsylvania, we cover areas including the Pittsburgh, PA metro area and Allegheny County.

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