Burglaries on the Rise in Pittsburgh

July 13th, 2012 by admin

Throughout the city of Pittsburgh, burglaries are on the rise and officials are cautioning citizens to be “vigilant”. According to the Post-Gazette, 100 more burglaries were reported between January and May of this year than last.

Police bureau statistics say there were 951 such reports during that time period in 2011, and 1,051 in 2012. This, they say, highlights the need for more community watch programs.

Overall, crime has fallen over the last six years. Police Chief Nate Harper credits some of this decline to community involvement and hopes that by calling on citizens of Pittsburgh to get involved, they can stamp out any additional increases in burglaries.

Officials think that serial burglars may be playing a role in the increase in burglaries.

“One person can really drive the numbers,” said police Sergant Kevin Gasiorowski. They’ve encountered several such burglars in recent months and say that one alone could be responsible for about a dozen break-ins.

Community block watches have worked with some efficiency in certain neighborhoods. The residents of Kirk Avenue in Carrick, for example, came together to reduce crime in their community. In their neighborhood, crime including burglaries is down. At the end of May this year, they had 43 reported burglaries. Last year during the same period, it was 52.

Banding together is what’s needed, according to city officials. When neighbors come together with a common interest, that “nosy neighbor” becomes a positive force instead of an aggravation.

Burglaries are particularly scary as there is nothing quite as humbling as finding your home, often the one place you feel secure, to be not so secure after all.

For someone accused of burglary, they can expect to meet the heavy hand of the law if caught. Local police and courts are aware of the uptick in this particular crime and are ready to treat any suspects as an example to the rest.

Generally, burglary is charged as a first degree felony. This means it carries a possible 20 year prison sentence. If, however, it was committed upon a building other than a home and no one else was present, it may be charged as a felony 2. Even then, it carries a potential 10 year prison sentence.

As the city calls on citizens to be extra mindful of their homes and suspicious people, there is a chance the burglary rate will fall. There is also a greater chance that burglars will be caught.

If you are charged with a burglary offense, contact our offices today to discuss your case and the options available to you.